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Ludmilla Siim

Birthday: 20.11.1938
Birthplace: Alma-Ata
Education: 1958–1965 Estonian State Art Institute, painting
1953–1958 Tartu Art School
Solo Exhibitions: 2002 Tieke. Helsinki, Finland
2000 Tartu Art House, Estonia
1998 Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1993, 1995 Helsinki, Finland
1991 Helsinki and Turku, Finland
1990, 1992 Bellarte Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
1980 Malkki Gallery, Tampere, Finland
1979 Art Hall, Helsinki, Finland
1975 Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia
1973 Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1970 Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Selected group exhibitions: 2003 Tartu University Library, Estonia
2001 KesäMix. Helsinki Artists’ Association’s summer exhibition
2000 Mini. Helsinki Artists’ Association’s summer exhibition
2000 Tartu Artists’ House, Estonia
1999 Art Summer. Pärnu City Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia
1994 Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1983 Le Salon des Nations, Paris, France
1981 Stockholm, Sweden
1976 Tartu Art Museum (with Peeter Mudist and Tiit Pääsuke), Gdansk, Poland; Kiel, Germany
1971 Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Organisations: 1979 Finnish Artists’ Association
1978 Helsinki Artists’ Association
1971 Estonian Artists’ Association
Awards: 1975 Artist of the Year, Estonian Artists’ Association
1975 Vilnius Triennial Award
1972 Vilnius Triennial Award
Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia
Description: Since 1977 lives in Finland.


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