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Aili Vahtrapuu

Birthday: 26.01.1950
Education: 2002 Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University, doctoral studies
2001 D.E.A Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University
1996–1998 Pariis VIII Univeristy, MA, art and art history
1974–1980 Estonian State Art Institute, sculpture
Solo Exhibitions: 2002 Story of Creation of Water. Rae Gallery, Kuressaare, Estonia
2001/2002 Friedrich Linnupüüdja. Narva Museum, Narva, Estonia
2001 Friedrich Linnupüüdja. City Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2001 Passage Nordique. (with Kristiina Kaasik), L’Harmattan Gallery, Paris, France
2000 Vee Ruum 3. Narva Museum, Narva, Estonia
2000 Eesti Rooste. Rock al Mare Open Air Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
1999 Space of Water. Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1999 (with Jaan Elken), Kotka, Finland
1998 Analogue. City Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1996 Rome, Italy
1996 Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1993 Palé D’Orsay, Paris, France
Selected group exhibitions: 2002 Small Sculptures Exhibition. Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia
2001 Mazzano Time. Helsinki Art Hall, Helsinki, Finland
2000 Estonian Graphic Art. Kiev, Ukraine
1998 100 Cities’ Biennial. Poland
1997 2nd International Triennial of Graphic Arts, Egypt
1997 Krakow International Graphic Arts Triennial, Poland
1997 International Graphic Arts in Portland, USA
1997 Estonian Sculpture. Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
1996 Premio di Biela; Premio di Roma, Italy
1995 Tallinn 10th Triennial of Graphic Arts, Estonia
1994 Intergrafia ´94, World Award Winners´ Gallery, Katowice, Poland
1994 Exhibition of Sculpture, Stockholm, Sweden
1994 Osaka International Triennial, Japan
1992 European Visions. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
1992 7. International Exhibition of Small Sculpture, Canada
1991 7th Henry Moore Competition of Monumental Sculpture, Utsukuchi-ga-hara Open Air Museum, Japan 1990 Osaka International Triennial, Japan
1988 Ars Estonica, Finland
Organisations: Estonian Artists' Association
Estonian Sculptors´ Association
Awards: 1991 Osaka International Triennial, Japan, award
1991 7th Inetrnational Henry Moore Competition of Monumental Sculpture, Utsukuchi-ga-hara Open Air Museum, Japan. Chosen for the exhibition of models
Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia


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