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Peeter Mudist

Birthday: 19.04.1942
Birthplace: Tallinn, Estonia
Education: 1963–1967 Estonian State Art Institute
1960–1963 Tallinn University og Technology, energetics
Solo Exhibitions: 2005 Helsinki Art Hall, Helsinki, Finland
2002 Kivisilla Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
2002 Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2001 Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2001 Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1997 Russian Embassy, Tallinn, Estonia
1997 Kastellaani House Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1995 Gallery Tokko & Arrak, Tallinn, Estonia
1994 Luum Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1993 Kalamaja Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1992, 1995 Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1991 Estonian Museum of Applied Arts, Tallinn, Estonia
1990 Estonian Health Care Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
1984, 1994 Tallinn House of Cinema, Tallinn, Estonia
1984 Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia
1981 Art Museum of Estonia
1975 Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Selected group exhibitions: 1991 (with Jüri Kask, Rein Kelpman, Leonhard Lapin ja Andres Tolts), L. Cooreman’s Institute, Brussels, Belgium
1990 15 Estonian Artists. Gallery GKM, Malmö, Sweden
1989 (with Jaak Arro, Epp-Maria Kokamägi and Tiit Pääsuke), Gallery Persons and Lindell, Helsinki, Finland
1987 (with Jüri Arrak, Malle Leis and Jüri Palm), Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia
1981 Baltic Painting Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania
1976 (with Tiit Pääsuke and Ludmilla Siim), Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia
Organisations: 1972 Estonian Artists’ Association
Awards: 1995 Baltic Assambly Art Award
1991 Konrad Mägi Award, Estonia
1989 Kristjan Raud Prize, Estonia
1981 Baltic Painting Triennial, Vilnius, Lithuania, main prize
1977, 1980 yearly award by Estonian Artists’ Association
Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, Tallinn Art Hall Foundation, Ludwig Museum Budapest (Hungary), Finnish National Gallery (Helsinki, Finland) and private collections in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, etc.


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