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Collection highlights

Silvi Liiva

Birthday: 22.01.1941
Education: 1963–1969 Estonian State Art Institute
1958–1963 Tartu Art School
Solo Exhibitions: 2004 Pärnu City Gallery, Estonia
2002 Gallery G, Tallinn, Estonia
Toompea Castle Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2000 Hungarian House, Budapest, Szolnok, Hungary
1997 Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1994 Estonian House, Stockholm, Sweden
1991 Gallery Draakon, Tallinn, Estonia
1990 Molde, Forde, Norway
1990 Heinola, Riihimäki, Lahti, Finland
1988 Estonian Café, Moscow, Russia
1988 Heinola, Riihimäki, Lahti, Finland
1985 Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia
University Library, Tartu, Estonia
1982 Theatre Ugala, Viljandi, Estonia
1978 Publishing House "Druzhba", Moscow, Russia
1971, 1978 Art Salon, Tallinn, Estonia
Selected group exhibitions: 2006 12th International Asian Art Biennial, Bangladesh
2005 13th International Biennial of Graphics in Warna, Bulgaria
26th International Print Triennial in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2004 International Print Triennial in Majdanek, Poland
Estonian Print in Retretti Art Museum, Finland
2003 International Print Triennial in Krakov, Poland
2001 Estonian Artist’s Exhibition Faulconer Gallery. Grinnel College, USA
1999 5th International Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Art in Györ, Hungary
1992 10th Norwegian International Print Triennial in Fredrikstad, Norway
1991 International Print Biennial, Maasticht, Holland
1997, 1998 4th, 5th International Biennial de Grabado Premio J.P.Nespereira in Orense, Spain
1971, 1974, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2001 International Print Triennials, Tallinn
Organisations: 1972 Estonian Artists’ Association
Awards: 2003 Art prize of Kristjan Raud, Estonia
2001 Art prize Gallery G, Tallinn, Estonia
1999 Special prize for Estonian print 1999 from Tallinn Municipality
1995 Special prize from 10th Tallinn International Print Triennial, Estonia
1992 Special prize from 9th Tallinn International Print Triennial, Estonia
1973, 1979, 1982, 1985, 2002 Annual award of Estonian Artists Union for graphic art
1989 Diploma from International Print Triennial in Norway
Diploma from Warna International Print Triennial
1971, 1983, 1986 Diplomas from Tallinn International Print Triennials, Estonia
Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum (Tartu), Russian Artists’ Union (Moscow), Estonian Artists’ Association, Russian Cultural Ministry (Moscow), Pushkin Museum (Moscow), Ludwig Museum (Cologne, Germany), International Images Gallery, (Sewickley, PA, USA), Folkgallery (Forde, Norway), Gallery Gamblebyen (Fredrikstad, Norway), Bunkier Sztuki and Kracow’s Museum of History (Krakow, Poland), Municipal Museum of Arts (Györ, Hungary), Art Museum (Majdanek, Poland).


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