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Collection highlights

Press Materials 2019

May 17–October 27, 2019, Kumu Art Museum 
When they were in disfavour during the Soviet era, the literary figures Elo and Friedebert Tuglas found refuge in their garden: gardening helped alleviate their bitterness. The photographic artist Tanja Muravskaja searched in the garden of the Under and Tuglas Literature Centre for the Tuglas’s presence and the meaning of the garden exile today.

Curator: Elnara Taidre

May 3–September 15, 2019, Kumu Art Museum 
The saturnine style of the American fashion designer Rick Owens and the creative work of the Estonian grotesque-rapper Tommy Cash share a fascination with the destructive and slightly deformed body. Diabolical in fashion shows and shocking in music videos, this neo-goth trend is represented at the exhibition by Rick Owens’ exceptional costumes and Tommy Cash’s videos, complemented by new works that unite the practices of the two artists.

Curator: Kati Ilves

April 13.–June 2, 2019, Haapsalu Townhall 
The Art Museum of Estonia will be touring the country with a travelling exhibition of valuable 17th to 21st century artworks from its collection. The display illustrates the development of artistic genres and motifs in time and space, compares and contrasts works from different eras, and includes examples of portrait, landscape and genre painting. Visitors can admire the artists’ interpretations of daily activities and family occasions, as well as their depictions of urban environments and light. In the selection of artworks, classics have been mixed with modern pieces and foreign art with the local Estonian art. One of the contemporary artists participating in the exhibition is Elis Saareväli, from Haapsalu.

Curator: Eha Komissarov

April 12–August 25, 2019, Kumu Art Museum 
A retrospective of the work of the Latvian artist Gustav Klucis (1895–1938), one of the greats of Constructivist and Russian agitprop art. The exhibition provides a survey of the artist’s experimental work, which employed innovative graphic design and photo montage in the service of both propaganda and the avant-garde.

Curator: Iveta Derkusova (Latvian National Museum of Art)

March 15–August 4, 2019, Kumu Art Museum 
Sots art developed in Moscow in the early 1970s, when for the first time in the history of unofficial art, artists drew inspiration from previously despised Soviet visual culture. During the later years of perestroika, the ironic Soviet style unexpectedly blossomed in East European fashion.

Curator: Liisa Kaljula

February 22-June 8, 2019, Kumu Art Museum 
Gordon Matta-Clark (1943–1978) was an American conceptual artist, who fundamentally changed the understanding of architecture. His site-specific works revealed the chaos and anarchy behind the seeming order of the urban space. Anu Vahtra’s project in the Kumu Art Museum courtyard is inspired by Matta-Clark’s activities.

Curators: Sergio Bessa (The Bronx Museum of the Arts), Jessamyn Fiore (Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark) and Anu Allas

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