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Collection highlights

Press Materials 2020

October 30, 2020-February 21, 2021, Kumu Art Museum 
Breakthroughs in science have often inspired artists. This exhibition brings to the viewer interpretations by artists of the complex and intriguing field of particle physics. All of the works displayed originate from artist residencies at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).
The exhibition brings together 12 artworks by 11 international artists who explored the complex language of physics, and some of the experiments of particle physics designed in the lab to understand nature and matter. The exhibition also expresses the synergies of the artists within CERN’s extraordinary creative community of scientists, engineers and staff. Encompassing a wide range of artistic practices, the works presented in Broken Symmetries delve into narratives that can be traced to the fundamental and philosophical foundations of science.

Curators: Mónica Bello and José-Carlos Mariátegui
Coordinators: Charlotte Horn and Kati Ilves
Designers: Mark Murphy and Tõnu Narro
Graphic designer: Mikk Heinsoo (Stuudio Stuudio)

October 10, 2020-March 21, 2021, Kumu Art Museum 
Estonia’s first major exhibition of ancient Egyptian art features objects that are thousands of years old from one of the world’s most important ancient Egyptian collections: the Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum) in Turin, Italy. Simultaneously with the exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum, the treasures of the Egyptian Museum will also be on display at the Amos Rex Art Museum in Helsinki. The large-scale joint project of the three museums provides a unique opportunity to discover the ancient world of ancient Egypt without having to travel very far.
The Kumu exhibition features 200 items from the rich heritage of the Land of the Pharaohs. These include coffins, mummies, magical amulets, various funerary offerings and sculptures. On the one hand, the items tell the story of the ancient Egyptians’ world and, on the other, each is a work of art in its own right.

Curator: Polo Marini (Museo Egizio)
Co-curator: Jaanika Anderson (University of Tartu Museum)
Designers: jaana Jüris and Neeme Külm (Valge Kuup Stuudio) Graphic designer: Asko Künnap

August 28, 2020–January 31, 2021, Kumu Art Museum 
Ado Vabbe’s (1892–1961) diverse oeuvre is presented through its various themes in the largest overview exhibition ever of his works. Vabbe is mainly known for the avant-garde works of his youth, which constantly transformed and developed. These were raised in the 1920s to the pinnacle of the forming Estonian art life by the members of the literary group Siuru, many of whose books were illustrated by Vabbe. The writer August Gailit called him a passionate cornet who dancingly walked at the head of the echelon.

Curators: Tiiu Talvistu and Mary-Ann Talvistu
Designer: Tõnis Saadoja
Graphic designer: Tuuli Aule

May 22-September 13, 2020, Kumu Art Museum 
From the earliest phases of Ando Keskküla’s (1950–2008) activity, two leading motifs can be observed, which seem to pursue him, thus forming the main poles of his art. The first is the impact of the artificial environment and new technologies on our sense of reality, which, in the context of this exhibition, is called technodelia. The term, which is a creative combination of the concepts of technology and psychedelia, could in the context of Keskküla’s work define his exploration of how the technological tools for communication, seeing and perceiving alter both the ways of perceiving the world and the processes of subject formation.

Curator: Anders Härm
Designers: Anders Härm and Neeme Külm
Graphic designer: Tuuli Aule

February 14–August 9, 2020, Kumu Art Museum 
The largest ever retrospective of the works of one of the most original Estonian graphic artists showcases the versatility and integrity of his oeuvre, displaying the imaginative imagery in Vinn’s prints, bookplates, illustrations and poster designs. The exhibition includes works by six younger artists who interact with Vello Vinn’s oeuvre through the means contemporary art.

Curator: Elnara Taidre
Designers: Raul Kalvo and Helen Oja
Graphic designer: Külli Kaats

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