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Collection highlights

Toomas (Tommy ) Tõnissoo

Birthday: 14.08.1972
Education: 1990–1995 Estonian Academy of Arts, painting
Solo Exhibitions: 2005 Vaal Gallery, Tallinn
2004 Vains, France
2003 Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
2002 Gallery of Estonian Parliament, Tallinn
Rakvere City Gallery, Rakvere
2001 Kivisilla Gallery, Tartu
1999 City Gallery, Tallinn
Cork Vision Centre, Cork, Ireland
1998 Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn
Selected group exhibitions: 2006 Willy. Vaal Gallery, Tallinn
2005 Garden Party. Tartu Artists' House, Tartu, Estonia
2004 Quand l´art change la baie. Ducey, France
2003 Landart project in the International Conference "Aesthetics of Agriculture", Leppaa, Finland
2001 Landart project in the Conference of Innovatsion "Die Stadt als Bühne". Düsseldorf, Germany
2000 Baltic Artists' Exhibition. USA
1997 Summer Exhibition. Retretti Art Center, Finland
Everything at once, a lot and now. Tallinn
1996 Figuratsioon ’96
1995 ArtGenda, Copenhagen, Denmark
Organisations: Estonian Artists´ Association
Estonian Painters´ Association
Awards: 1994 Vaal Gallery, yearly award, Estonia
Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia,
Tartu Art Museum
Private collections and public institutions in Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Holland and Denmark.
Homepage: http://www.hot.ee/kkandtt/