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Collection highlights

Hannes Starkopf

Birthday: 07.01.1965
Education: Estonian Academy of Arts, sculpture
Solo Exhibitions: 2001 Kaardistatud kompott. Rae Gallery, Kuressaare, Estonia
2001 Sculptures. Rock Al Mare School, Tallinn, Estonia
2000 Human Chance. Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1998 Portraits. Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
1996 Red & Hot. Gallery Sammas, Tallinn, Estonia
1995 Starkopf’s coffeteria. Gallery Sammas, Tallinn, Estonia
1995 Starkopf’s coffeteria. Rüütli Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
1992 Subjective POP. Gallery Sammas, Tallinn, Estonia
Selected group exhibitions: 2005 Estonian Art. Kotka, Finalnd
2003 Room 312A. Greifswald, Germany
2001 Short History of Estonian Art. Tartu Art Museum, Estonia
2000 Baltic Art. USA
2000 Room 312A. Hyvinkää Art Museum, Oulu Art Museum, Finland
2000 Wanted. Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Baltic Sculpture Quadriennial. Riga, Latvia
1998 10 Estonian Sculptors. Komi National Gallery, Republic of Komi
1997 Estonian Sculpture. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
10 Estonian Sculptors. Varkause Art Museum, Finland
1996 Baltic Sculpture Quadriennial. Riga, Latvia
1995 Autoportrait. Moscow, Russia

Selected symposiums
2003–2005 Mustamäe Sculpture Symposium, Tallinn, Estonia
2003 Wood Symposium. Ivalo, Finland
2003 Ice Symposium. Ivalo, Finland
2001–2003 Jõhvi Stone Festival, Jõhvi, Estonia
2001 Snow Sculpture Symposium. Nayoro, Jaapan
2001 International Symposium of Sculpture in Marble. Brusque, Santa Catarina, Brasil
2000 Festival of Fire Sculptures, Latvia
1998 Snow Symposium, Levi, Finland
1996–2000 International Sculpture Symposion, Tallinn, Estonia
1994 Eurosculpture 94, Chairaix, France
Organisations: 1994 Estonian Sculptors’ Association
1994 Estonian Artists’ Association
Awards: 1998 Gustav Adolf School contest for sculpture, First prize
1996 Baltic Sculpture Quadriennial, Riga, diploma
Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia, Tartu Art Museum, International University Audentes and private collections.


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