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Collection highlights

Jaan Paavle

Birthday: 20.04.1940
Education: 1975–1980 Estonian State Art Insitute, applied arts
Solo Exhibitions: 2006 One minute. Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2005 Dragon in Dragon. Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2004 Taurus and Dragon or Relative Reality or door with two sides. Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2002 On the Wall of the Cave. Applied Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
1991 Landscape with Two Moons. Tartu Artists’ House, Estonia
Selected group exhibitions: 2003 International Performance Art Festival Mohni 2003, Mohni island, Estonia
2002 Moon. Hafnarborg Museum, Iceland
Enampakkumine. Applied art exhibition, Estonian Applied Arts Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
Advice of the Witch. Estonian Applied Arts Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
2001 Estonian Energies. WUK Gallery, Vienna, Austria
International Art Festival „Gooseflesh”, Rakvere, Estonia
2000 International Art Festival „Gooseflesh”, Rakvere, Estonia
1999 Estonian Energy. Rotermann’s Salt Storage, Tallinn, Estonia
1975 Young artists exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia
Organisations: 2003 Estonian Writer’s Union
2001 Estonian Artists’ Associtation