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Collection highlights

Marko Raat

Birthday: 01.07.1973
Education: 1998 graduated from Tallinn University, Department of Film Studies, specialty: director
Solo Exhibitions: Selected video art works and group works
“Autompsyko Supervegos” (20´ video, group work, 1995)
“ESS-Tukk” (15´ video, group work 1996)
“Owl and Han” (15´ video; group work; 1997)
“Premiere of Illegal Databanks” (9´ video, 1998)
“Quality of Dwelling” (architecture shots / exhibition video, group work 1998)
“New Fashion! New Fashion!” (4´ video / installation, group work 1999)
“Stone Tour” (20´ video, group work 1999)
“Jimi Tenor in Tallinn. Year 1958” (5´ video, 2000)

Selected filmography
“Night Navigation” (27´ short feature, 16mm, 1998)
“For Aesthetic Reasons” (28´ documentary, DV-Beta SP, 1999)
“Agent Wild Duck” (80´ feature, 35mm Scope, 2002) (Festivals: Stockholm, Geneva)
“Suite for Two” (15´ short fiction, 2003)
“Only the Fakes Survive” theatre play and direction (Von Krahl Teater, 2004)
“Don’t Shoot the Piano Player”, (24´ short fiction, 2005)
“Fun For Five Female”, (50´ documentary, 2005)
Awards: 2005 Festival Drama 2005
2003 Cultural Endowment Prize, Best Short
2002 National Culture Foundation, Best Debut
Cultural Endowment of Estonia, yearly prize
1999 Best documentary of the 1999 by Estonian FIPRESCI jury
1998 7th Blue Sea Film Festival, (Rauma, Finland), Special Prize
Works in collections: Art Museum of Estonia
Description: He has made documentaries, video art works, shorts, TV productions and has been involved in several art projects.