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Eduard Wiiralt
Portrait of Francois Mauriac and Two Illustrations for His Book "Supplement au traite de la concupiscence de Bossuet"

Artist: Eduard Wiiralt (1898 - 1954)
Title: Portrait of Francois Mauriac and Two Illustrations for His Book "Supplement au traite de la concupiscence de Bossuet"
Date: 1928
Height (cm): 32.2
Width (cm): 45.6
Dimensions: sheet size
Description: ARRAY(0x35d9878): Illustratsioon. Seisev naisakt, keda ümbritsevad kolm suurt mehepead, tema peale puhudes ja teda suudeldes.
ARRAY(0x35f1620): E. Wiiralt 28
ARRAY(0x35b9e08): Mehe portree kerges pöördes vasakule. Kõrge laup, vuntsid, suured tumedad silmad. Näha triibuline pintsak ja hele triibuline särk ning täpiline lips.
ARRAY(0x35a5950): Ed. Wiiralt 28
ARRAY(0x35b9b08): Illustratsioon. Kaks vingerdavat naisfiguuri ja nende kohal tumedas riides meesfiguur.
ARRAY(0x35c8c18): E. Wiiralt 1928
ARRAY(0x35f73c0): Eduard Wiralt Paris 1928
ARRAY(0x35f6e68): Francois Mauriac`i portree ning 2 illustratsiooni tema raamatule Editions du Trianon Paris.
ARRAY(0x35df920): N 6
ARRAY(0x35c2f18): Kujutava Kunsti Sihtkapitali Valitsuse pitsat
ARRAY(0x35aaad0): 319
ARRAY(0x35e3070): Gr. 973
kult. kapit.
ARRAY(0x35f04b8): 254-256
ARRAY(0x35a5680): Kult. kap. DEPOS.
E. MUUS. ÜH. Nr. 726
ARRAY(0x359c840): 71c, 71a, 71b
Exhibition history: 2015 Kumu exhibition History of Estonian Printmaking: 1860–1944
Related categories: Classic Modernism
Copyright notice: Art Museum of Estonia
AME collection: Prints and drawings collection
Collection number: G 72/1-3
Accretion number: EKM j 153:726/1-3
Muis reference https://testmuis.rik.ee/museaalView/1483953
File info: Source type: digital photography
File type: TIF
File size: 15.00MB
Resolution: 2644*1980px @ 300dpi
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