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Jaan Vahtra, Lydia Johanna Elisabeth Vademan-Jans, Eduard Järv, Arnold Vihvelin, Johann Rosi, Jaak Ronimõis, Eduard Mässo, Karl Liivoja, Elfrina Bergström, Marta Kivi, Helene Lesdorf, Simeon Ivanov
Front Cover of the Estonian Art Students' Zine Raven No. 3


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Artist: Johann Rosi , Marta Kivi , Jaak Ronimõis , Elfrina Bergström (1887 - 1964), Jaan Vahtra (1882 - 1947), Lydia Johanna Elisabeth Vademan-Jans , Eduard Mässo (1893 - 1947), Helene Lesdorf , Arnold Vihvelin (1892 - 1962), Karl Liivoja , (1899 - 1941), Simeon Ivanov
Title: Front Cover of the Estonian Art Students' Zine Raven No. 3
Date: 1915
Height (cm): 35.3
Width (cm): 25.8
Related categories: Classic Modernism
Copyright notice: Art Museum of Estonia
AME collection: Prints and drawings auxiliary collection
Collection number: Ga 7895/1-31
Accretion number: EKM ja 8573/1-31
File info: Source type: scan
File type: TIF
Compression: Uncompressed
File size: 267.04MB
Resolution: 6175*7557px @ 519dpi
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