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Unknown artist
Lace Hand Fan

Title: Lace Hand Fan
Date: 11.06.2014

thread, nacre
Height (cm): 30.0
Description: füüsiline kirjeldus: 16 pärlmutrist ribi, mille ülaosas luust azhuursed ribid, millele kinnitub valge brüsseli pitsist lehvikuosa. Metallist kinnitusrõnga küljes siidnöörist tutt.
signatuur/ meistrimärk: Ühe välimise ribi siseküljel mustaga: GESLIN A PARIS
viited: Ruth Paas. Euroopa lehvik. Kadrioru kunstimuuseumi lehvikute kogu - Renovatum 2010, lk 121-128, ill.

Volditud maailm. Lehvikud Eesti Kunstimuuseumi kogudest. Tln, 2015, nr. 15, lk 78-79, ill.
Exhibition history: 2015 Mikkel Museum exhibition Folded World. Fans from the Collections of the Art Museum of Estonia
2016 Kumu exhibition Poetry and Spleen. The Victorian Female Image and Fashion from Alexandre Vassiliev's Collection
Related categories: Foreign Art
Copyright notice: Art Museum of Estonia
AME collection: Foreign applied arts collection
Collection number: VR 1452
Accretion number: EKM j 49745
Muis reference http://muis.ee/museaalView/107442
File info: Source type: digital photography
File type: TIF
Compression: Uncompressed
File size: 90.41MB
Resolution: 6597*4789px @ 300dpi
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