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Bartolomeo Grassi Romano
Dresses of Livonian Women at the End of the 16th Century

Artist: Bartolomeo Grassi Romano
Title: Dresses of Livonian Women at the End of the 16th Century
Date: 1585
coloured copper engraving
Height (cm): 25.0
Width (cm): 34.0
Description: HASH(0x2a2bc70): kolm seisvat naist, vasakul punase keebiga, keskel valge rüü ja pruuni hõlstiga, paremal punaka, alt ruudulise kleidiga
HASH(0x2a1f538): Sonna die mediocre stato Nobilissima maritato di liuelandia Virgine di liuelandia
HASH(0x29f97e0): Vanimad Liivimaa naiste kujutised itaalia gravüüril väljaandest: Dei veri ritratti degl habiti di tutte le parti del mondo, intagliati in rame per opra di Bartolomeo Grassi Romano. Libro primo, Roma.
Vrd kaht kujutist peegelpildis:
Ilmari Manninen Eesti rahvariiete ajalugu. Tartu 2009, lk 20
ARRAY(0x2a05180): Costumes di Livonie du 16 Siecle. 45 Grassi?/ 1585
Related categories: Foreign Art
Copyright notice: Art Museum of Estonia
AME collection: Prints and drawings collection
Collection number: G 2694
Accretion number: EKM j 272:16
Muis reference http://muis.ee/museaalView/1482997
File info: Source type: digital photography
File type: TIF
Compression: Uncompressed
File size: 29.88MB
Resolution: 3955*2638px @ 300dpi
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