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William Hogarth
The End of the World

Artist: William Hogarth (1697 - 1764)
Title: The End of the World
Date: 1764
etching, copper engraving
Dimensions: sheet size 36.0 X 37.6 cm
plate size 32.1 X 33.6 cm
Description: tekst objektil: Keskel: THE BATHOS, Manner of Sinking, in Sublime Paintings, inscribed to the Dealers in Dark Pictures
Ülal keskel: TAIL PIECE
All pikk inglise keelne tekst
signatuur/ meistrimärk: All vasakul: Design´d and Engrav´d by Wm. Hogarth
Paremal: Publishd according to Act of Parliament March 3. d 1764

tempel/ etikett/ märk: Tagaküljel pliiatsiga: 56 nr 12 Ip 368 14 ja J. Mikkeli erakogu pitser
Exhibition history: 2015 Mikkel Museum permanent exhibition
2020 Kadriorg Art Museum exhibition A Visit. A Selection of Works from the Collection of Johannes Mikkel
Related categories: Foreign Art
Copyright notice: Art Museum of Estonia
AME collection: Collection of Mikkel Museum
Collection number: Mi 373
Accretion number: EKM j 46459
Muis reference http://muis.ee/museaalView/108350
File info: Source type: digital photography
File type: TIF
Compression: Uncompressed
File size: 20.29MB
Resolution: 2723*2601px @ 300dpi
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