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Nicolas Beatrizet
The Fall of Phaeton

Artist: Nicolas Beatrizet (Beautrizet, Beatricetto) (1515 - 1565)
After: Michelangelo (1475–1564)
Title: The Fall of Phaeton
Date: Ca. 1540–1542
copper engraving
Height (cm): 41.0
Width (cm): 27.0
Description: tempel/ etikett/ märk: J. Mikkeli erakogu pitser
signatuur/ meistrimärk: All keskel: MICH: ANG. INV. N. BEATRIZET. LOTAR. RESTITUIT
Vasakul: A .L. F.
tekst objektil: Tagaküljel: AReicberg N291 N. Beatrizet. Le chute de PHaeton, original Bartsch XV. p 258 N38 R Giliben (?) B 27 (loetamatu tekst ja pitsat) 29 488 6371 4p 1338 N2(6)
Exhibition history: 2014 Mikkel Museum exhibition Lux aeterna. Italian Art from Johannes Mikkel's Collection
2016 Kadriorg Art Museum exhibition Love. Motifs in Art from the 16th to the Early 20th Century
2017 Mikkel Museum exhibition In the Roman Style. Mannerist Graphic Art in Estonian Collections
2020 Kadriorg Art Museum exhibition A Visit. A Selection of Works from the Collection of Johannes Mikkel
Related categories: Foreign Art
Copyright notice: Art Museum of Estonia
AME collection: Collection of Mikkel Museum
Collection number: Mi 474
Accretion number: EKM j 46560
Muis reference http://muis.ee/museaalView/107144
File info: Source type: digital photography
File type: TIF
Compression: Uncompressed
File size: 306.07MB
Resolution: 7796*13721px @ 300dpi
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